6 month milestone | Silver Spring, MD

Jul 7, 2022 | The First Year Blog, New Parent Blog

6 Month Milestone | Silver Spring, MD

You know the age when babies communicate with you with the funniest faces? When they kind of understand you, but not really? When they think that everyone is their friend, except the few people that they really hate? That happens around the 6 month milestone. That’s when all the real fun starts to happen!

What’s the most fun for me as a photographer at a 6 month milestone session? All those adorably cute baby expressions! OMG! They are just the greatest! The second greatest, or rather the part that makes a 6 month milestone even better? When the baby came to me for a newborn session and then I get to see how much they grew!!! That is the absolute greatest joy for me! It’s amazing what a difference 6 months can make!

Baby T, or Mr. Dino as I like to call him, came to me for his newborn session and then back again for his 6 month milestone portraits. The rolls on him are so delicious I just wanted to eat him up! Ok, not literally, but you know what I mean! We stuck with the green color scheme like we did at his newborn photos and of course have the most adorable outfits.

We got the most adorable expressions, including a few crying photos, which might seem sad but are actually hilarious! Tell me what you think in the comments below. Which one is your fave?

As always if you or someone you know is looking for a milestone/baby photographer send me an email to yaffakoff@gmail.com and we’ll get you on the calendar!

6 month milestone

6 month milestone 6 month milestone 6 month milestone 6 month milestone 6 month milestone 6 month milestone 6 month milestone6 month milestone 6 month milestone


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