Best Times to Take Baby Photos

Dec 29, 2021 | Uncategorized

When is the best time to take baby photos?

Honestly this is such a generic question. When is the best time to take baby photos? So what we’re going to do is break it down into different ages and stages and address each one individually.


Newborn Milsetone Best time to take baby photos

When is the best time to take baby photos, for your newborn? The best time to take baby photos for your newborn is within the first few weeks. Now different photographers will say different things, but for me the sweet spot is between 2 and 3 weeks. Why? Well for a few reasons. They’re still small enough to be squishy and bendy and to get into the poses you all want, but at the same time they’re less likely to be cluster feeding. If mom is breastfeeding it also gives a chance for her milk to come in. Also mom has a minute to recover before having to get all dressed up! If your photographer is insisting that the photos be taken in the first 2 weeks, and that stresses you out, then you might want to look for a new photographer. Honestly, most babies can take newborn photos up to 1 month and still be curly enough to be wrapped up. While your baby might not have that initial “brand new” look, at one month old they’re still so tiny and new! As new parents your sanity is also super important, so just find a photographer that works for you!


milestone best time to take baby photos

When is the best time to take baby photos as your child is hitting all their milestones? So there is a basic outline of when baby’s hit their milestones, but look at them as guidelines and not rules. There are 3 basic milestones parents like to capture and those are the best time to take baby photos.

1. When baby is holding their head up while laying on their tummy. They’re not yet moving anywhere, but they should be able to hold their head up long enough on their own. This generally happens around 3 months.

2. When baby is able to sit on their own without support. They don’t have to be able to get into a sitting position on their own, just able to support themselves without falling over. This usually happens around 6-7 months.

3. When baby is standing on their own. This is super cute, when baby is able to stand unsupported even for a few seconds, we can get the cutest images. This can happen anywhere from 9-12months.

Cake smash

best time to take baby photos

When is the best time to take baby photos if you want a cake smash? Cake smash sessions are generally done for the first birthday. What a great way to celebrate your baby turning one! Not only do you take portraits of your baby at this momentous milestone, but they also get to make a mess smashing a cake! This is also a great opportunity to update your family portraits if the last ones you took were from the newborn session.

Which of all these ages and stages do you think is the best time to take baby photos? Honestly if it was up to me, you would do them all!! At the end of the day, the best time to take baby photos is when you have the time and budget. You want to make sure you remember your baby at all the different milestones they hit and the best way to do that is by taking photos!

Not everyone has the budget to do sessions for all these milestones, so many parents find that the best time to take baby photos is Newborn, sitting and first birthday cake smash. There is usually around 6 months of time in between each session and those sessions really highlight how much your baby grows in just one year!


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