Different Types of Newborn Photography

Jan 5, 2022 | New Parent Blog, Newborn, The First Year Blog

Different Types of Newborn Photography; What are They?

When you hear the term “Newborn Photography“, what images comes to mind? In reality there are several different types of newborn Photography. What are the different types of newborn photography? There are a few main types and then within each one there are different styles. For today we will focus on the three main ones. Posed, Lifestyle and documentary. Let’s break down these different types of Newborn Photography and what they all mean.

Different Types of Newborn photogrpahy


The first category in our different types of Newborn Photography is Posed Newborn Sessions. This is a session where the photographer poses the baby in different ways generally using props like buckets and baskets. Photographers who do these type of sessions generally have an extensive collection of bonnets, wraps, headbands, backdrops and other props to help style your session. When looking for a posed newborn photographer make sure to say what colors you like and look at their website and social media to make sure you like their style.

Like any other art form, even within this category there are different types of newborn photography. Some photographers who do posed sessions use very bright colors while others use only white or neutrals. Some photographers only do wrapped sessions while others will do a combination of wrapped and naked. Some photographers are very experienced while others are just starting out. The important thig to find out is if your photographer is trained and knows how to do all the poses safely. Many poses are actually composites and if not done correctly can be a hazard to your baby.

The best way to enjoy your photos from a posed session is with gorgeous pieces of wall art and printing an album to go along side of them. The bigger the better, I say! Since there are so many different types of newborn photography, it goes without saying that each one can best be displayed in different ways. It’s also a personal preference of what you want to do with your photos. As long as their printed your headed in the right direction!


The next category in our different types of newborn photography is Lifestyle newborn sessions. These sessions can either take place in a studio, where a photographer has a beautiful area set up, or it can take place in your home. If you have a styled nursery or living room it’s really wonderful to do it in your own home because you’ll have a greater sentimental attachment.

The photographer will give you directions on where to sit and how to hold your baby for the family photos, but it will have a more natural feel. For the baby only images, the photographer will generally put the baby in a neutral onesie or a simple sleeper and lay them in their crib or bassinet and take images of them as they naturally pose themselves.

Many times your photographer will offer Fresh 48 sessions, which can fall under the lifestyle category when discussing different type of Newborn sessions. Fresh 48’s usually take place in the hospital and the photographer will come in and take photos of you and the baby in the hospital setting. So baby in the plastic bassinet with the classic hospital blanket and you in bed holding your brand new baby. These tend to be very special because your baby is just so brand new and will change dramatically in the next week or so.

What’s the best way to enjoy different types of newborn photography? Lifestyle photographs can both tell a story and be a portrait. The best way to enjoy these photos are either with a gallery wall and/or printing an album. It’s always so special to look back and see how delicate your baby once was.


The final category in our different types of newborn photographer is documentary. These photographers will come into your home and document your life as it is. You know all the craziness that comes hand in hand with having a new baby? Well they are there to capture it all. They’ll generally spend several hour in your home just walking around capturing your new normal. The screaming baby, the messy house, the snuggling post feeding…if it happens they will capture it!

Since there are different types of newborn photography there are different ways to enjoy them. The best way to enjoy Documentary type of images is to print them in an album. So many times we look back at these pictures and forget all those tiny details. It is the job of the documentary photographer to capture them so you can remember them forever. As your baby grows up you can look at the album together and remember how tiny they once were.

As a newborn photographer located in Silver Spring, Maryland I personally practice the posed method of newborn photography. Once I’m allowed back into hospitals I will once again be able to offer Fresh 48 lifestyle sessions to my clients in the greater DMV area, including Potomac, Rockville, Chevy Chase, DC, Baltimore and Northern Virginia. I love that I’m able to offer different types of newborn photography to all my clients.

Which is your favorite of all the different types of newborn photography? Why is it your favorite? Have you ever had newborn pictures done for your baby? Are you looking to get newborn pictures taken in the near future? I’m happy to help answer any questions you might have about newborn photography and you can contact me here through my contact page.

Different types of newborn photography Different types of newborn photography

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