Maternity Photoshoot

Jan 7, 2022 | New Parent Blog, Maternity

Maternity Photoshoot

What exactly is a maternity photoshoot and what’s the point in doing one? Who does them? When should you do a maternity photoshoot? These are just a few questions you might have about a maternity photoshoot. The point of this post is to answer all those questions and more!

What is a Maternity Photoshoot?

A Maternity photoshoot is when Moms tummy is nice and round, we take photos of her looking all beautiful and showing off her bump. This is a way to celebrate the beauty of pregnancies and the miracle that mom is growing inside of her. It is a celebration of life! Some moms choose to do a glam version in studio while others do one outside more connected to nature. But we’ll get into that later.

The first time I did a Maternity shoot of my own was when my last baby was born and it was amazing! I wish I had done one before all the other cuties were born. There was such a wonderful connection that our photographer captured and it was full of love. My husband and kids all got involved and I am forever grateful for those images. Of course, you know me, I printed an album and of course of a bunch of the images hanging on my wall in my room. It’s the first thing I see when I walk into my room and I fall in love with the pictures from my maternity shoot every day over and over.

Why Should I do a Maternity Photoshoot?

Well, like I said above, a maternity photoshoot is a celebration of life and love. Whenever there is a reason to celebrate in life, we should take it!  Also, who doesn’t want a chance to get dressed up and be shown how beautiful we are! This is a chance to make everything about you, and you should embrace it!

When should I do my Maternity Photoshoot?

A Maternity photoshoot generally takes place in the 7th month. That was you’ll have a large enough belly to show off, but not quite big enough that you’ll feel like an elephant! (Trust me, that’s what the 9th month feels like!)

Who should be in the Photoshoot?

Well that’s really up to you! If this is your first child then it makes sense if it’s just you and your partner. If it’s not your first, it’s so sweet to include other children in the shoot. You can take family photos and still get pictures with just you and your partner. Just be upfront with your photographer and let them know exactly what you want so they can make sure you’re all on the same page.

What should I wear for my Maternity Photoshoot?

This is the really fun part! There are so many different styles and ways you can go about doing a Maternity photoshoot. Do you want it to be really glamorous and fancy or more simple and laid back? Do you want to show your belly or be modest? Do you want it indoors or outdoors? Generally you can look at a photographers website and see what type of shoots they do. Many photographers will do both indoors and outdoors, while others will only do one or the other.

Most maternity photographers will have a client closet with dresses and gowns to choose from. There are so many styles out there starting with the most simple and basic, going all the way to the most fluffiest gowns you’ve ever seen! Just ask them if they have an online closet or catalog you could look at or if you could come in and try some on so you can see what you like. I personally have a variety of different gowns so that way all my clients can feel comfortable. I also include 2 dress changes in my session time so that way you can vary your look throughout the session.

Where should the session take place?

Well the question is where do you want the Maternity photoshoot to take place? We touched on this before a little about photographers and where they shoot. This should be part of your consideration when choosing your photographer. Indoors is obviously more private and you have more space to do creative looks and lighting. On the other hand outdoors is really beautiful. Also think about the season you’ll be doing the shoot. If it’s freezing cold or boiling hot outside, it might just be smarter to stay inside.

Maternity PhotoshootMaternity Photoshoot

Well no matter what, if you’re looking to do a maternity photoshoot in the DMV area (including but not limited to Silver Spring, Rockville, Potomac, DC, NOVA, Chevy Chase, Baltimore) then send me an email to and let’s see if we’re a good fit!

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