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Let Us Capture Your Precious First Moments that you can Enjoy for a Lifetime


What is it about newborn babies that makes you want to melt? They are so sweet and snuggly and as new parents, that’s what we want to remember. We want those beautiful images that showcase how beautiful and miraculous the newest addition to our family is. That’s what we’re here to do at Yaffa Koff Photography during your baby’s Newborn Session. We want to wrap your baby up in beautiful knits, gently place them in a safe and supportive basket and take that gorgeous image that you’ve always dreamed of. Have you always loved the images of babies little bum in the air, we do that too! All those sweet poses, along with the tiny detail shots that are some of my absolute favorites, we do it all. Contact us today by emailing to set up a consult today!


How Early Should I Book My Newborn Session?

Newborn sessions are usually booked in the 2nd or 3rd trimester to ensure availability. Most newborn photographers book up early and you want to make sure that you are able to have a session with the photographer that you love!

When Does the Newborn Session Take Place? How Old Should my Baby Be?

Newborn sessions usually take place within the first 2-3 weeks after your baby is born. We can still do a session if your baby is a little older, just keep in mind that “older” babies are not as happy being curled up in all the typical poses.

How Long Are Newborn Sessions?

Newborn sessions are usually around 3 hours long. We take our time to ensure that baby is safe and happy before we do any setup. Some babies will sleep through an entire session, but more a more typical session will have the baby waking up to eat a couple of times.

Who is Included in the Newborn Session? 

The Newborn Session fee includes images of the baby, parents, and siblings (if there are any, sibling shots are some of our favorite images!)

Where is Studio Located?

All sessions take place in my home studio in Silver Spring, Maryland.


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