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Jan 12, 2022 | New Parent Blog

Print your Photos… Let me help!Print your photos

We live in such a digital age that we are forgetting a very important concept. Please, please, please print your photos!!!! There are so many, many reasons why this is so important, and we’ll talk about them. We’ll also talk about different ways to print your photos and what’s the best way to print them that fit your lifestyle.

First of all, why should you print your photos? That’s a great question! Did you know that when you print your photos and your children see them up on the wall or they can flip through a photobook or album it gives them a sense of security? It makes them feel safe and comfortable and let’s them know they have a place that they belong. Children love to look at old photos of themselves as they get older, or of the family as everyone grows.

My toddler will sit for hours with stacks of photobooks looking at photos again and again, pointing out which ones include her and which ones she wasn’t born for yet. And this is something that I truly stand behind. I don’t just preach to everyone “print your photos!” I actually print so many photos I’m running out of walls to hang them on! Just kidding (maybe) there are plenty of walls left! I actually print an album from every session we have and up until recently, I would print a seasonal photobook from the photos on my phone. I’ve fallen behind with all the craziness in the world lately, but I hope to start up again soon.

Ok, Yaffa, you’re telling us all “print your photos” but how should we print them and what should we print them on? So depending on what type of photos you’re looking to print, will help me answer your question. If you’re looking to print basic cell phone photos, it’s always best to make a photobook. Places like Google or Chatbooks are super easy and they just put a photo on each page and voil√†, you’re done! If you like to get more involved Snapfish or Shutterfly are great options. You can customize each page with multiple images and other graphics. Warning, these books can take hours to put together, but they’re definitely more personable.

Let’s say you want to print your photos from a professional shoot, well that’s where my advise can really come in handy! I always like to advise my clients to do a combination of wall art and an album or collection box.

Let’s start with wall art. Do you want to print your photos on a traditional canvas? Are you more old school and want to go the classic way with a framed print? Or maybe you want to go out of the box and print your photos on something unique like Wood blocks. While I offer both canvases and framed prints, by far my favorite wall art is wood blocks! So much so that I have them up in several rooms in my house! They’re rustic and beautiful and unique all at the same time.

For albums, I offer my clients a really gorgeous heirloom quality album. It’s heavy weight, thick pages and will last one hundred years or more. I love that it’s fully customizable with different fabric options and imprinting. Plus I design the whole thing for my clients so it’s super easy for them! It also comes packaged really nicely which adds to the luxurious appeal.

I also offer a hybrid album/wall art option to my clients, which appeals to many. And since I’m all about telling everyone to print your photos, I want to give my clients as many options as possible without being overwhelming. Those are my collection boxes. They consist of prints that are already matted and read to be framed, but they come in a beautiful luxury box which can also be used as a take apart album. This is a great option for clients who don’t want big wall art, or are not yet in their forever home. This is also great for getting a lot of images and being able to gift some of them to grandparents.

Now I want to talk about one final option I offer my clients that’s really really high end. When I yell print your photos and I pull this out, my clients literally swoon (ok, fine, they don’t literally swoon) when they see it! Imagine a portrait of your family, except it’s turned into a painting! I mean, how incredible is that? Yeah, I know, now you all want to print your photos!

If you want to book a photo session with me, I’ll make sure that you print your photos and that you walk away with some high end, heirloom quality art pieces. Ones that your family will enjoy for many many years to come. I have clients coming to me from all over the DMV, so even if you live a little further away, I promise you it’s worth it!

Print your photosPrint your photos


Yaffa Koff is a newborn through the first year photographer and she also does maternity and family shoots. You can contact her through her website or email her at Though she might yell at times to Print your photos, it’s all with the best of intentions and she will make sure to give you the best experience possible! As a mom of five kids, she understands the importance of photos and the joy that they bring to the people who are in them. Yaffa takes great joy in helping her clients find the perfect way to print their photos in ways that fit their style and life.

If you live anywhere near Silver Spring, Maryland (including but not limited to DC, Potomac, Rockville, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Kensington, NOVA) think about booking a session with Yaffa to make sure that you can get the best possible photography experience possible. Let Yaffa help you print your photos and make it all a painless experience.