Why is Photography So Important?

Dec 23, 2021 | Uncategorized

Why is Photography so Important? Let me Tell You!

So many times we ask ourselves, why is photography so important? Why is it necessary? You might hate taking photos or not be interested in being bothered to take photos, but here is the thing. Photography and taking photos is not just about you. Sometimes we do take photos of ourselves to be empowering and I love that! But at the end of the day, the reason photography is so important is one word: FAMILY.

Why is photography so important? Think back to your family growing up. Were you a family that was very into taking pictures? Did your mom print them and fill album after album with all the adorableness that you were as you grew? How many photos was she in? How many images do you have of your mom? How many images do you have of your grandparents? When people pass away, the only thing we have left of them are the memories. The memories and the photos. And the images that we have are our greatest tool to help keep those memories alive!

Why is photography so important? Let me tell you about a photo that I love. This will help you understand why is photography so important. When I was a little girl, probably around 4 years old we went to visit my great-grandmother who lived 3 hours away. We stayed for the weekend and had a wonderful time. My memories with my great-grandmother are the ones that give me warm loving feelings every time I think of her. We used to play a game where she would sit on the couch with her hands outstretched and we would run from across the room into her arms and the whole time she’d be cooing “catchy, catchy, catchy!” So of course we called her “Catchy Babie.” (Babie is grandmother in yiddish) Anyway, at the end of the weekend, we were all packed up and ready to drive back home. My siblings and I were all bundled up in our coats and about to get in the car. My mom (being the photographer of our family) quickly had us all gather close to my grandmother for a quick photo. That was the last time we saw Catchy Babie, she died soon after at the age of 93. I loved my great grandmother so much, So much that I named my oldest after her. And that photo helps me remember. Every time I see that image hanging in my parents house I’m infused with that warm loving glow. I’m transported back in time, into those wonderful loving arms. That is the power of a photo.

Why is photography so important? There are so many times when we say to ourselves, “I don’t look good right now” or “I hate how I look in that photo” or “I’ll take one later” or “I’ll take the photo for you, I don’t need to be in it.” But you’re wrong!¬† Get in the photo. Take a selfie if it’s easier then using a timer. Ask a stranger passing by to take the photo for you. There are so many ways to get in the photo and by doing so you’ll be sending love to the next generation.

Why is photography so important? When I have moms come into the studio and say, “you know I feel so tired and gross after having the baby, I don’t want to be in the photoshoot.” I explain to them how important it is for them. I explain to them why is photography so important. This is the opportunity for them to finally¬†be in the photos with kids without worrying who will take the photo. That’s my job! And I’m so happy to do it for you! I’ve never had a mom regret being in the photos, so don’t be the mom who regrets NOT being in them.

So Let’s remember. Why is photography so important? It’s not for you. It’s for your loved ones. So they have the ever lasting memory of you.

You know another reason why photography is so important? It’s important for your children to see photos around your house. It gives them a sense of comfort and love. When they can sit down with an album an see your memories up close, when they look up and see your family on the walls, it makes them so happy! Print your photos and hang them on your walls. Print your photos and create gorgeous albums. Print your photos and create love, security and warmth.

Why is photography so important? Photography is important for family. Photography is important for security. Photography is important for Love. Photography is important for memories. Photography is important for you. Photography is important for your children. Photography is important.

Why is photography so important

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